This Library represents the union of Barcelona – Centre and Sant Pau Parish churches of Barcelona. Some books from the Sants Parish church has also been included as well as some private donations from various pastors such as Pablo García and Enric Capó. After performing this initial corpus, books and magazines from different people and associations are also welcome. This helps us to fill in the spaces, which is the only way possible due to lack of finance to obtain more books.

As you can see from our logo (which cannot be found in any other artistic exhibition), this Library is understood as a group work which began centuries ago by Missionaries.
The system was originated by Isabel Adams and other Brothers and Sisters continued to carry it out. This will continue as far as the Lord put it into the hands of Christian Brothers who will voluntarily keep up the good work.

The Library is divided into two main groups: Books and Magazines.
The books are classified by Themes and the magazines according to their Headlines.

The alphabetical order of the books are as follows: Biographies, Catechism, Social Sciences, Bible Commentaries, Confession of Faith, Controversy, Christology, Bible Dictionaries, Doctrine, Dogmatic, Ecumenism, Sunday School, Ethics, Exegesis, Greek, Bible Guides, Translation Guides, Hebrew, History, History of the different religions, Homiletics, Unclassified books, Ancient Literature, Marriage-Divorce-Sexuality, Daily Bible Reading, Methodism, Mission, Women, Christian Novels, Pastoral, Sacraments, Sermons, Theology, Old Testament Theology, New Testament Theology.

In the books category but in a different archive we also have Bibles, New Testaments, The Gospels, Biblical Portions, Bible Encyclopedia and Liturgy.

We have finally put aside certain books which are considered special and difficult to classify. These are very old books which cannot be found anywhere else or which have some special meaning for the church Community.

There are about Four thousand volumes and some magazines of about a hundred and thirty copies, some of which are complete collection and others are only a few copies.
We are now working on a new project which comprises of music books, Sheet music and hymnals. We hope this will be a great and important volume. We wish to digitalise the musical archives.
We also have a large number of books which are repeated and we hope to make exchange with other similar libraries.

You can browse the website to consult our library by author, publisher, edition, language and topics.

We think that our work has improved and we will be grateful to receive your comments and any suggestions. We are only a group of non-professionals, and are anxious to do our very best in this job.

We take this opportunity to encourage you to visit our Library.